Is your vehicle having a hard time starting in the morning> Do you see your vehicle lights dim when turning them on at night? They could be signs that your battery is either wearing down or on the verge of dying.

When the battery gets to that point, our team recommends you come in and get your battery check and replaced if necessary. We house a team of certified that will take the utmost care of your vehicle.

Below, we'll share with you details about our battery services. Feel free to contact us if you feel you feel your battery needs servicing.

Servicing the Battery

At its core, your vehicle's main battery gives the engine the necessary power to start up. In addition, it provides the need jolt to get your vehicle's systems and components working. While this is happening, the vehicle battery maintains a constant charge. Without that charge, your vehicle grinds to a halt.

A battery last between three to five years on average, depending on the driving habits and weather conditions.

When your vehicle is in our dealership, our technician conducts a thorough test of the battery and diagnoses any issues it may have. During the test, they will check its current charge. If we determine that the charge is low, the technician will need to replace the battery.

For your convenience, we offer a selection of batteries that give your vehicle better longevity and performance over time. Don't hesitate to bring your vehicle if you fear the battery may be weak. It's better to be safe and avoid being stranded o the side of the road.

We look forward to getting you charged up for the road soon.

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